How to increase Jio signals inside your house

How to increase Jio signals inside your house? 100% Working

Jio, a leading internet and mobile service provider in India offers high-speed internet, voice, and data services to its customers. It’s well-known for its smooth connection and higher speeds.

But, the users sometimes complain of weak signals inside their homes, which significantly hinders their network experience. This results in slow internet speeds, choppy voice calls, and difficulty connecting to the network. It can also be frustrating when trying to stream videos or play online games, as poor signal strength can cause lag and buffering.

If you are one of the people facing this issue, don’t worry, there are several ways you can increase the Jio signal strength inside your house and get the most out of your JioFi connection.

How to Fix Poor Network or No Signal Issue in Jio Connection?

1. Positioning the router in a higher location

The main reason for poor Jio signal inside your house is the positioning of your router. To get the most out of your Jio connection, try to place the router as high as possible in the house.

The change in position will ensure that the signal can travel longer distances and reach more areas of your house. 

2. Installing an external antenna or Wi-Fi extender/booster

If you still cannot get a strong signal inside your house, you can try installing an external antenna or Wi-Fi extender/booster.

These devices will help extend the range of your router and ensure a stronger signal throughout your home.

3. Using an amplifier or splitter to boost signal strength

If you have a large house, you can try using an amplifier or splitter to boost the Jio signal strength. 

These devices are relatively inexpensive and can help to improve signal strength inside the house.

4. Optimizing Router Settings for better performance

Next, you can try optimizing the router settings for better performance.

This can be done by adjusting the settings such as the channel, power output, and security.

5. Optimizing Device Settings for Better Reception

Finally, you can optimize your device settings to ensure better reception. This includes:

a. Adjusting the phone’s network settings

To get the most out of your Jio connection, you need to ensure that your phone’s network settings are properly set.

This includes adjusting the mobile data settings, enabling LTE, and turning off the Wi-Fi calling feature. 

b. Keeping your software up-to-date

Additionally, it is also important to keep the device’s software up-to-date. Older versions of the software can cause issues with signal strength, so it is important to ensure that the software is up-to-date.

This includes updating the phone’s operating system and any apps you have installed. 


In conclusion, boosting the Jio signal strength inside your house is essential if you want to get the most out of your network connection. Having a strong signal is key to a great user experience.

By following the steps explained in this article, users can easily enhance their JioFi device’s signal strength and enjoy better network performance, smooth streaming, a better gaming experience, and no lag while making calls.

So, check now your current internet speed with the Jio Speed Test tool before and after the implementation of the above steps to find the speed difference!

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